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Your location: Home > News > The 82nd API China 2019 Welcome to visit Tangshan Junrong Aluminium Industry at API China
The 82nd API China 2019 Welcome to visit Tangshan Junrong Aluminium Industry at API China
Add time:2019/4/4  origin:Bella Wang

Tangshan Junrong Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd

Booth Number: Hall 3B H18

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Our products are medicinal aluminium bottle, screw cap aluminium bottle, capping machinery and seal tools mainly three types, there are more than 30 specifications of medicinal aluminum bottles and more than 10 specifications of screw cap aluminum bottles, they are widely used for packaging of pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, flavors and fragrances and other industries. The special seal capping machine and sealing jaws for the sterile aluminium bottle researched and produced by Junrong are of more than 10 specifications, which are divided into manual, pneumatic, electric and fully automatic and providing best sealing solutions for pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad.

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