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Junrong Aluminium Industry
Tangshan Junrong Aluminium Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 2001, mainly engaged inresearch, production, sales of aluminum containers (medicinalaluminum bottle and screw aluminum bottle),related close cover and pharmaceutical equipments,with product specifications of more than 40 kinds,and themedicinal aluminum bottlescan be dividedby volume as: 50ml, 100ml, 1.8L, 3L, 9L, 15L, 30L .......... 45L; the screw aluminum bottles can be divided by capacity as: 1.3L, 2.6L, 6.8L, 12.5 L, 23L, 27L, 31.25L ...... coveringaluminum bottles and cansrequired ......
API 001 Series
API 032 Series
API 101&135 Series
PS series
SSZ series
Sealing Equipment
We provide high-quality products with reasonable prices and excellent after-sales services for customers.
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