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Your location: Home > Product > Aluminum Bottle used for Medicinal APIs 101&135 Series > Aluminum pharmaceutical cans for powder drug 3L
Aluminum pharmaceutical cans for powder drug 3L
Specifications:Aluminum pharmaceutical cans for powder drug 3L
Brimful capacity: 3L
Diameter of body: 145mm
Total height: 200mm
Internal diameter of neck: 101mm
Product Description

1.Product Name: Aluminium Bottle/can/canister/tin/drum

2.Capacity: 3L

3.Overall dimension: 145mm*200mm*101mm

4.Inner and Outer Surface Treatment: Anodized


  • Aluminium Bottle
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Outer Cap

6. Material: Pure Aluminium

7. Usage: Ideal For Packaging Powder Pharmaceutical Ingredients, APIs, Food Ingredients, Sterile Medicinal Material, Chemical Material.

8. Features:

Lightweight, Eco-Friendly, Durable,

Light and vapour proof, Superior air-tightness,   Good shock resistance,

High temperature resistance,   Easy to Sterilize/Depyrogenation.

9. Certificate: National Certificate for Drug Package Materials and Containers, ISO9001, Certificate of Origin, Form A, Form E.

10. Packaging: 24pcs/Carton

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