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Your location: Home > Product > Aluminum Bottle used for Medicinal APIs 101&135 Series > Junrong Aluminum Canisters for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Junrong Aluminum Canisters for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Specifications:Junrong Aluminum Canisters for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Brimful capacity: 13L
Diameter of body: 230mm
Total height: 380mm
Internal diameter of neck: 101mm
Product Description

1.Product Name: Aluminium Bottle/can/canister/tin/drum

2.Capacity: 13L

3.Overall dimension: 230mm*380mm*101mm

4.Inner and Outer Surface Treatment: Anodized


  • Aluminium Bottle
  • Rubber Stopper
  • Outer Cap

6. Material: Pure Aluminium

7. Usage: Ideal For Packaging Powder Pharmaceutical Ingredients, APIs, Food Ingredients, Sterile Medicinal Material, Chemical Material.

8. Features:

Lightweight, Eco-Friendly, Durable,

Light and vapour proof, Superior air-tightness,   Good shock resistance,

High temperature resistance,   Easy to Sterilize/Depyrogenation.

9. Certificate: National Certificate for Drug Package Materials and Containers, ISO9001, Certificate of Origin, Form A, Form E.

10. Packaging: 2pcs/Carton
11. Brand: JUNRONG.

Company Introduction:

Tangshan Junrong Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2001, has been engaged in Medicinal Aluminum Packaging for more than 20 years, specialized in research, production, sales of aluminum bottle and aluminium containers(medicinal aluminium bottle used for powder and soild APIs and screw cap aluminium bottles used for liquid pharmaceutical ingredients), related close covers and pharmceutical equipment, covering aluminium bottles and containers required by packaging of pharmaceutical medicine, APIs, Food ingredients, Chemicals, Flavors and frangrances, Essential Oils and other industries.

Size Information:


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