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Your location: Home > Product > Aluminum bottles for liquid PS Series > Anodized aluminum bottles canisters for perfumed essential oils 5kg
Anodized aluminum bottles canisters for perfumed essential oils 5kg
Specifications:Anodized aluminum bottles canisters for perfumed essential oils 5kg
Brimful capacity: 6.2L
Diameter of body: 175mm
Total height: 320mm
Internal diameter of neck: 46mm
Product Description

1.   Product Name: Anodized aluminum bottles canisters for perfumed essential oils 5kg

2.   Material: Aluminum

3.   Component: Aluminum Bottle, PE Plug with tear off ring, Anti-theft Outer Cap

4.   Usage: Ideal For Packaging Liquid Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Food Ingredients, Flavors and Fragrances, Perfumery, Essential Oil,Cosmetics, Chemical and Agrochemical

5.   Surface Treatment: Anodizing at Internal and External Surface

6.   Features:

Lightweight, Eco-Friendly, Durable, Light and vapour proof, Superior air-tightness, Good shock resistance, High temperature resistance

7.   Certificate: ISO9001, Certificate of Origin, Form A, Form E.

8.   Packaging: 9pcs/Carton

9.   Lead time: 7 days

10.  Payment: T/T, L/C

11.  Contact: sales@junrongchina.com

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